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Resistance Temperature Probes (RTDs) General Purpose Pt100 Sensors, Pt100 Sensors for demanding applications, Pt100 Sensors for Special Applications, Accessories for Pt100 Sensors

Thermocouples Standard Sheathed Thermocouples,
Simple Thermocouples for General Use, Thermocouples for Plastic & Rubber Industries,
Thermocouples for Industrial Applications,
Thermocouple Sensors for Special Applications

Cables & Accessories for Thermocouples

Other Sensors
Dial Thermometers,Relative Humidity & Temperature Sensors, Infrared Temperature Sensors, Pocket Optical Thermometers

A complete Range of Temperature Measurement & Control Products
- Thermocouples - Digital Thermometers & Calibrators
- RTDs - Analog & Digital Controllers
- Specific Sensors - Temperature Panel Meters
- Cables & Accessories for Thermocouples - Graphic Recorders
- Temperature Transmitters - Thyristor Power Switches

Supply of Specific Temperature Sensors for
- Chemical & Petrochemical Industries - Producers of Energy
- Metal, Iron & Steel Industries - Pharmaceutical & Food Processing
- Glass & Ceramic Industries

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