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ScopemeterHaris Al Afaq started its instrumentation activities in the early 1980's in the Test & Measurement arena and was targeted at a broad range of industries. Haris Al Afaq represents several very well known brand names such as Fluke Corporation, Megger (formerly AVO) International, Chauvin-Arnoux (Enerdis & Pyro Controle Divisions) amongst many others.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the Instrumentation division covers the entire Arabian Gulf directly, as well as through several highly qualified local partners in the relevant countries who act as sub-distributors as well as local service centers.

One such industry type is the Power sector in which the high-end application areas include Relay Test equipment, Electrical Relays, Transformer Loss Measurement Systems, High Voltage Test systems, as well as SCADA and Data Acquisition systems.

Other market areas that Haris Al Afaq is active in includes the Government Ministries (chiefly Water and Health), Defence as well as the Oil & Gas sectors. Items sold here include Calibration systems, Counters, Data Acquisition systems and Biomedical Calibration and Simulation products.

Of course, Haris Al Afaq still supports it's original roots in T&M (for example, digital oscilloscopes, digital multimeters and other hand held devices) as well and provides these basic items to all of the above market areas and it's own sub-distributor network. As part of it's growth into the 21st Century the company has recently expanded into the instrumentation portions of the Networking, Communications, Thermal Imaging and Process markets.

Events & News

Please feel free to come visit us at the events where we are exhibiting products, or to click on the links to review what we exhibited at the various events already completed.

Apart from these events below we are continously doing roadshows at customer's sites and locations near you. Contact us if you wish us to do a roadshow at your site, or for details of one close to you.

Date Event Website Our "Virtual" stand (Product details) Where
May 4th 2009 ESMA Metrology Symposium ESMA Metrology Symposium Dubai, UAE
April 2009 Megger Seminars Transformer Testing Seminars by Megger Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE
April 2009 Tui Industries Seminars Online Condition Monitoring Seminars by Tui Industries Abu Dhabi, UAE
February 2009 IDEX 2009 International Defense Exhibition Abu Dhabi, UAE
February 2009 MEEE 2009 Middle East Electricity Exhibition Dubai, UAE
January 2009 ArabHealth 2009 Arab Health Exhibition Dubai, UAE
November 2008 Big 5 Big 5 Exhibition Dubai, UAE
November 2008 ADIPEC 2008 Abu Dhabi Intl. Petroleum Exhibition & Conference Dubai, UAE
October 2008 Middle East Test and Measurement Festival, Dubai Dubai, UAE
November 25th - 29th 2007 Big 5 Big 5 Exhibition Dubai, UAE
March 12th - 14th 2007 MEOS 2007 Middle East Oil & Gas Exhibition Manama, Bahrain
March 13th - 15th 2007 WETEX 2007 WETEX Dubai, UAE
February 11th - 14th 2007 MEEE 2007 Middle East Electricity Exhibition Dubai, UAE
January 29 - Feb 1st 2007 Arab Health 2007 Arab Health Exhibition Dubai, UAE
November 18th - 22nd 2006 GITEX 2006 GITEX Dubai, UAE
November 5th - 8th 2006 ADIPEC 2006 Abu Dhabi Intl. Petroleum Exhibition & Conference Abu Dhabi, UAE
Oct. 28th - 1st Nov. 2006 Big5 2006 Big 5 Exhibition Dubai, UAE
May 2006 Bahrain Metrology Bahrain Metrology Conference & Exhibition Manama, Bahrain
November 20th - 24th 2005 Air Show 2005 Dubai Air Show Dubai, UAE
November 7th - 9th 2005 OGS / AIA 2005 Oil & Gas Show / Arab Instrumentation & Automation Dubai, UAE
February 28th - March 3 2005 DIOGE 2005 Doha Oil & Gas Exhibition Doha, Qatar
February 12 - 16th 2005 IDEX 2005 Abu Dhabi International Defense Exhibition Abu Dhabi, UAE

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