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This is only a selection (mostly the distribution items) of some of the most popular catalogs for some of the Test Equipment brands we represent, please feel free to contact us directly for other catalogs, or any advice on your requirement.

If you have any urgent needs (or after you have reviewed the mailed catalog) please do not hesitate to click on the 'Quote Me' link to the middle left of this web page.

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Fluke Logo

Fluke Industrial: Test Tools Catalog 2009

Fluke Logo

Fluke Precision Measurement: Full Catalog

FPQ Logo

Fluke Power Quality Products

Megger Logo

Megger's Test & Measurement Equipment

Megger Logo

Megger's Electrical T&M Hand Held Equipment

Megger Logo

Megger's CD Catalog

Hart Scientific Logo

Hart Scientific: Industrial Temperature Calibration

Hart Scientific Logo

Hart Scientific: Secondary & Primary Standards

Gems Sensors Logo

Fluid Sensors & Controls for Pressure, Flow & Level

Fluke Biomed. Logo

Biomedical Test Catalog 2007/8

Fluke Biomed. Logo

Diagnostic Imaging Catalog 2007/8 Catalog


Soldering/Desoldering Equip, SMD Rework


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Please note that due to differing territorial restrictions from differing suppliers we may or may not be able to ship specific catalogs to certain geographic locations. In general all of them can be shipped within the UAE, most can be shipped within the Arabian Gulf, none can be shipped outside the Arab world.

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