Pylons     Electrical Division

Energy generation in the United Arab Emirates has grown from virtually zero MW to over 7,000 MW over the last 25 years.  A 10% average demand growth rate is forecast over the next 10 years, necessitating additional generating capacity of approximately 5,000 MW being added at a projected cost of 5 billion US dollars.  The company is active in the supply of spare parts and primary instrumentation to the industry.

The distribution network in the U.A.E has also seen phenomenal growth over the past years with a requirement to connect all centers of population.  Population growth has necessitated a continuous upgrading of capacities and systems.  The geopolitical considerations in the area also result in a planned grid connecting all neighboring countries.

The company is active in supply of equipment to both utilities and contractors of Transformers, Cables and 11kV Switchgear along with other ancillary equipment such as fuses, solders, joints, etc - both on a contractual and on an ex-stock basis.

The company represents a number of international companies in this field and is also involved in tendering to the Utilities and Oilfield Sector, both on its own account and on an agency basis.

Our strong position with the power utilities also gives us a very strong entry into the entire spectrum of Electrical Contractors for the full range of products that we represent.  

A list of Electrical Products and Suppliers is available upon request.  

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